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Friday, July 3, 2009


We are a couple months into ABA now. I am really not sure what it is or isn't doing. I love Christina, and Janey is more cooperative during the ABA than I ever thought she would be, but I don't know if much of it is carrying over. She is talking about the same amount as ever, I think, which isn't that much. She has started using more long phrases copied from videos, probably because she has gotten much more interested in videos. I do see that as progress a bit, as I think before she couldn't follow them enough to be interested. She uses the phrases appropriately often, such as coming up to me when she wasn't sure where I was and saying "I was looking all OVER for you!", or, when she was upset and wanted comforting, "I will read you a story" as Kipper does to a gosling that gets stuck in his house. But it's still so hard to get her to ask for things she wants, and she still almost never answers questions. Her basic knowledge is still so limited---I am not at all sure she really knows any colors or shapes, consistently anyway. She still has days when she cries all day pretty much, but also a lot of days where she is fairly happy. She has been asking to go to school a lot since school ended. I think she has absolutely no concept of time, and it's impossible to explain to her that it's summer and we will go to school again after the summer.

She often anticipates my answers and puts them in herself---like she will ask me for a cookie and then will say "We ran out of cookies". I think that is a a good thing---she is thinking about what someone might say back to her, but also it could just be repeating a phrase she often hears.

When she is happy she laughs non-stop. It's almost like the non-stop crying in reverse. It's less hard to hear, but still sometimes quite inappropriate.

She is so beautiful. It shouldn't matter to me, but it does. She is just stunningly gorgeous.

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