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Thursday, July 9, 2009


One thing Janey does that I haven't seen mentioned in anything I've read about autism----she has manic spells. When she is in one, she talks non-stop while running back and forth around the house. It's when we hear the most talking, but it's a long monologue without any connection to much. She tells stories, sings whole songs, recites nursery rhymes, lists things, and just never stops. It's very, very odd to see. Last night she was in one. She started out talking about candlesticks, she is a little obsessed with Jack Jump Over the Candlestick. Tony put down a little candle for her (not lit of course and not in a stick!) and she jumped over it about a million times. She sang the entire patriotic sing-along the Pops did for the fourth, she talked about Ravenpaw a lot (Maryellen's cat that she is also obsessed with), she told Kipper stories, she jumped around crazily, on and on. She does more talking during one of the those times than she does the entire rest of the week. It makes me know the words are in there someplace, but just don't come out on demand.

I have started pointing my finger in rhythm to certain sentences she needs to use, like "I want to watch Maisy", with a point for each word. It seems to help her to say them.

A phrase she often adds to the end of sentences about things she wants is "to feel me better", for example, tonight she said "Daddy, I need a blanket to feel me better".

Everything I read says talking at all at age 4 with autism is a good sign. But her talking just really never seems to progress, it often goes backwards.

One encouraging time today---she wanted an M&M and I said "what color?" and she said right away, "Blue". So at least she understands the category of colors.

Getting tired so this is getting random!

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