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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trying things

We are trying hard with Janey to work out a strategy about the crying, which is just out of control and totally awful. I bought some M&Ms, and I tried all morning to catch her not crying, and give her one when she wasn't, and comment on how proud I was of her not crying. It's hard to even find a time when she isn't crying. We went to some lawn sales, and she held it together if Tony was in the car with her, but he tried to take her out at one, which she used to love, and she just went hysterical. Of course everyone talks to her and tries to help, but that just makes her madder, and it is so embarrassing and awful. It's why we take her out less and less. When she is home, we are going to try that if she cries, she has to go in a certain spot and just cry there. It's instinct to comfort her and that is what we have done for years and years, but it's not working and we are so frustrated we just have to try anything. For the first time ever, William said he was fed up with her and how she ruins everything. He has never once even gotten impatient with her before. I felt for him and told him I did understand how he could feel that way. I just hope things get better soon and this is not the start of a huge regression.

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