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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tantrum and then talking

We had a strange time with Janey today. She was having a severe tantrum, mostly because we wouldn't let her watch her Maisy video when she wanted to, William was using the TV and he never gets a chance to, and we decided not to give in. She went completely crazy, banging her head, pounding her fist, screaming over and over "What the heck is going on?". We tried everything, and finally Tony said "Life must seem pretty awful for her at times" and he just started saying back to her "I know, what the heck IS going on? Why is everything like this? Why?" and really sympathizing with her. She stopped crying and looked at him hard, and then when all was quiet she started to talk in a way neither of us has ever ever heard her do---no repeated phrases, long sentences, like she really wanted to tell us something. It wasn't totally understandable (the words were, but the meaning wasn't). She said something like "That lady out on the street, she said GREEN, she talked about PINK, I got stuck, she said BLUE, she was telling me it, I was so stuck" things like that. I think maybe she was talking about when they tried to test her, or maybe tried ABA type things with her. We took it as her telling us she KNOWS those things, but gets stuck and can't say them. It was definately something about learning colors. Then she was very calm for quite a while, until she did get upset again later. It was very affecting to see.

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