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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Janey in Lists

Things Janey loves to eat

Juice from the pickle jar
Spaghetti sauce
Boiled greens
Cheddar cheese---must be freshly cut from a big block
Cherry tomatoes
Onions with the skin on

Movies Janey likes

The Spongebob Movie
The Little Mermaid 2
Care Bears---Journey to Joke-a-Lot

Janey's biggest talents

Remembering tunes and lyrics of songs
Smiling in a way that lights up a room
Her sense of humor
Her beauty inside and out
The special way she has of uniquely connecting to each person she loves

The most frustrating things about Janey

When she screams and we can't figure out why
That she isn't fully toilet trained
When she bites her arm
How upset she gets when one time out of a hundred, we insist on watching our own TV shows
Her utter lack of patience

Janey's favorite things to do

Car rides
Rearranging furniture
Rearranging cats

The toughest parts of being Janey's parent

The need to absolutely constantly be on alert
The tiredness when she doesn't sleep
Cleaning up difficult messes
The very loud screaming
Over ten years of the same TV shows

The best parts of life with Janey

Seeing her happy
How often she makes us laugh with her
The many, many times she surprises us with what she says and does
The wonderful people I've met that I wouldn't know if I didn't have her
How she brings our family together

Janey's favorite music

The Beatles
Toby Keith
Christmas music
Black Sabbath
Meat Loaf
Weird Al
The Ventures
Nursery rhymes
Show tunes

Janey's most said phrases

"Snuggle on Mama's bed?"
"Want to take a shower?"
"Go for a car ride?"
"Want to go away?"
"Go to the ice cream store?"

Things Janey hates

Hair brushing
Coming home after a car ride
People saying "just a minute!"
Cats that keep coming back after they are rearranged
Being out of cheese

Things I think Janey could do if I could figure out how to unlock the keys

Use remotes
Access much of her vocabulary
Consistently use the bathroom
Sleep on a regular schedule

My biggest fears regarding Janey

That someone will hurt her when I'm not there to protect her
That she get sick and not be able to tell me what is wrong
That she will somehow get lost
That when I someday die, she won't understand why I left her
That when I am gone, she will not be taken care of

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