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Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Days

We had a fairly good-sized snowstorm yesterday, which resulted in a snow day, and another snow day today to finish the cleanup.  As many of you are all too aware, unexpected days off are not a big favorite of Janey and others like her.  However, the past few days haven't been bad at all.  They have been more...interesting.  

Tony was home yesterday too, as his office was closed.  That was great.  Janey had had a tough week, and I was prepared for a day with lots of screaming and tears, but I don't think I saw either one once yesterday.  She was happy and a little bit manic.  She ate a huge amount, and ran around the house a lot, and danced a ton with Tony.  At one point, she suddenly said "Shut up!" in a loud, jovial voice.  She then proceeded to pace back and forth and say "SHUT UP!" for about an hour.  I'm not sure where she picked that up, but she enjoyed it a huge amount, and so we just went with it.  She asked a lot for car rides, but did well when we told her that just wasn't possible.  I kept having her look out the window, although I don't think she quite got why the blizzard conditions were standing in the way of a car ride.  

Janey is usually fast asleep by 7 or 7:30.  She's big on early to bed and early to rise, like her father.  So when she was still awake at 8, we were a bit surprised.  We took turns lying down with her.  She stayed on the bed, playing off and on with her iPad (which we let her take to bed, as it generally doesn't interfere at all with her sleep) and singing and asking for food (which we didn't give her, as she'd had plenty during the day)  I was with her until 10:30.  She was still wide awake.  Tony took over and I slept until 12:30.  I relieved Tony---Janey still wide awake.  I lay down with her and she looked at me with a hugely happy face, just smiling and staring at me.  My eyes kept closing, but when they opened, there she was, watching me.  I last saw her awake at 1:30 am.  At that point, either I didn't wake up again or she finally went to sleep.

We have a few theories about the sleepless night.  She didn't go outside at all, all day, and maybe the lack of daylight did something.  Also, because she couldn't go for a car ride, a few times Tony took her upstairs to where his brother lives, and she had "butter", which is what she calls Nutella.  Chocolate is often the culprit when she doesn't sleep, although lately that is usually only if it's close to bedtime, which it wasn't.  My main theory, though, is just that she was in one of the moods where she's hyper-alert, and sleeping is hard when you are like that.

Today, she was sleepy.  She woke late and then took a nap.  Tony worked a half day.  She was still peppy, but not quite as much as yesterday, and there were a few more tears and screams.

We noticed, both days, something we often see when Janey is home with both of us for a day or two.  Her talking increased.  On days she goes to school, we hear very little talking in the afternoon or evening.  I think she's tired out, and also, perhaps associates talking with schoolwork, and decides to give herself a break at home.  It's fine, but it's nice hearing more talking.

An illustration for "The Ten O'Clock Scholar
Yesterday, when I was attempting to read her a book and she wasn't interested, I quickly before closing the book asked her to point to a few things in the pictures.  With the air of wanting to just make me happy so she could move on, she quickly and with complete ease pointed to three things---an owl, a blackboard and a bell tower.  All of those are words she's never said, to my knowledge, and words that I'd really have no way of knowing she knew.  I've done quick pointing tests with her like that enough to realize she has knowledge of the meanings of many, many words she never uses or lets on she knows.  I wish there was a way she could use these words, to enrich her ability to actually communicate, but I just don't really know how to help her with that.

Today, we were playing a game we often play, where I recite the start of a nursery rhyme and she finishes, or finishes some of it and waits for me to say the next line, and we go back and forth.  I love having an iPhone, because I can quickly grab a video, which I did.  I posted it on the Facebook companion page to this blog, if you are interested.  It's another example of things Janey knows you would not know she knows.  I would say she knows hundreds of nursery rhymes.  Of course, among the ones I started the film is one I don't think she did know ("A ten o'clock scholar"), but that is a rare thing!  If I've read one to her two or three times, it's in her head someplace, memorized.

So---I hope tonight is a better sleeping night.  I hope Janey continues the happier mood for the weekend.  And I certainly hope the storm predicted for Sunday night doesn't happen, so Monday is not another snow day!

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Unknown said...

If I had to guess, from what I read, Janey was taking her cues off of you. :D Well done you Suzanne. The looking at you an smiling while you sleep is just the same love you probably show to her. Unconditional. Eating a lot and then sleepless nights sounds like a growth spurt on the way. When it slows down and she's sleeping better you know to watch for an inch or 2 in growth. That is our experience.