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Monday, June 15, 2015


Yes, indeed, after 18 days at Mass General Hospital for Children, Janey is finally home.  It's wonderful to have her here.  I'm not going to write much tonight, but I know in the coming days, weeks, months and probably years, I'll be reflecting on this whole experience.  For now, I mostly just want to write a few thank yous.

Janey, right before heading home!
First, to my family and friends for being so supportive during this whole ordeal.  It was wonderful to have everyone at the other end of a phone line or an internet connection.  I loved the cards and even a few packages sent to me by people I don't know in person but know through this blog and feel very close to!  My local friends were great, and I most certainly could not have gotten through the combination of Freddy's graduation week and the hospital stay without them.  William and Freddy held down the fort at home and visited Janey often, and were their usual terrific selves.

The main entrance to Mass General
Next, to all of the staff of Mass General that worked with Janey.  It so very much shows that the whole hospital has been trained in autism, but beyond that, that the hospital seems to have a special air about it.  We've spent time in other hospital, but there was something about this one---a feeling of caring on a personal level.  Janey's surgeon, Dr. Cassandra Kelleher, took so much time to talk with us and to explain everything, and to show she saw Janey not just as a case but as a child, one she cared about.  The nurses---wow!  So many thanks to Karen, Daisy, Katie, Jenny, Vicky...and all the rest whose names escape me just now but who I will always be grateful to.  I never once, not for a minute, felt like Janey's autism was something they found difficult to deal with.  They listened to what we said would work best with Janey and did everything they could to make every procedure and test as easy on her as possible.  Everyone else at the hospital---the people who brought the meals, the staff in the playroom, the OT who wrote an autism plan for Janey, the CT scan people---everyone was respectful and kind to Janey and to us.

Janey is nervous in the elevator, but Daddy is right there as always
My biggest thank you right now is to Tony, my husband.  I think sometimes I don't mention often enough here what an amazing father and husband he is.  This was one of the toughest times we've ever gone through in our lives, and he was so wonderful.  He put his stressful job totally aside and took the last two weeks to just be with Janey, at her side.  He let me keep my sanity, and his presence helped Janey stay calm.  She loves Daddy like no-one else on Earth.  It's not an easy gig, being Janey's father, but he excels at it.

So---now on to recovery at home.  With everyone's help, I think we will make it.


John Carosella said...

Much love to you all. Get the rest you need. Say hi to Tony for me. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Sabrina Steyling said...

I am thrilled to know Janey is home where she belongs! I was sending prayers up like a mad woman! Suzanne, both you and Tony are amazing parents who have done an amazing job raising your kids (congratulations again, Freddy, on your graduation!), and I think of all of you often. I'm sending up more prayers that you can relax now and get back to living your lives sans illness, and may something like this never, ever happen again! Big, big virtual hugs to all of you! God bless the team at Mass General for being there right when you needed them, and may they realize how truly amazing THEY are as well.

raynette jones said...

i prayed most of all that the hospital staff was great. The few last hospital visit for my chronicall ill nt kid has been a disaster because of staff and I am so greatful to Mass Hospital to have treated yall right. I am glad you have tony and congrats on freddys graduation. please let both of those boys of your know that people (me and I am sure others) really can see how well raised they are and held the fort down at home and visited sister. Mom, you are a great Mom and are raising/have raised/ great young men. You are very fortunate as I am as my only oldest boy. He is 27 now and has always been the best to me and his sick brother. I hope your family including Janey since you are home and i will continue to pray that janie feels better. i understand how scared you were about the terribleness of a burst appendex and your child could not tell you about it. I know that was awful. I really wish I could be assured that my sick son (23 now and got sick at 11) will tell me when something is bad.He said he would tell me if he was bad off enough to go to the hospital but if it were me and I was him, I would check in and refuse to leave before someboddy figured out what we needed to do to get better. Enjoy your blog. you are a great writer. forgive the non capitalization and general sentence structure but i am tired and just want to let you know how wonderfully your family has handled and come out of the hospital visit