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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A slice of the non-sleeping life

In the ever-cycling parade of moods that is Janey, we have come back to one of the toughest---Non-Sleeping-Girl.  It's only been two nights so far, and I'm hoping it is a short-lived mood, but it's rough.  And I have to give credit where credit is due---it's much tougher on Tony than me, because he is far better at staying awake and taking care of Janey in the night than I am.  Let's have a little slice of life from last night...

7pm---Janey goes to sleep, after having been up (and cheerful) since midnight.  Tony was up with her from midnight on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

3:30am---Janey wakes up, ready to party.  Superhero Daddy attempts to care for her, but is just too tired, and wakes up Slacker Mama.

4 am---Slacker Mama gets up with Janey.  Janey tempts her with saying "want to snuggle?"  Mama pictures a nice back to sleep time.

4:01 am---Janey is back up.  She wants ketchup.  She wants Kipper.  She wants cheese.  She wants Daddy.

4:02 am---Mama doesn't respond quickly enough.  Janey takes matters into her own hands and opens the door to the bedroom where Daddy has been trying to sneak in some sleep, and wakes him back up.

4:03 am---Mama tells Janey to leave Daddy alone, and goes to get Janey some ketchup.  Mama takes a millisecond too long.  Janey screams as loudly as she can.  Mama tells Janey it's time for the screaming room.  Janey looks excited and rushes into the screaming room (aka---the bathroom).  Mama reflects that the once promising screaming room approach to Janey's screaming no longer works at all.

4:15 am---Janey says "All done screaming!" after some good times in the screaming room.  We leave.  Janey screams loudly.  We got back.

4:30 am---out of the screaming room.  Janey goes to wake up Daddy again.  Daddy's saint-like patience is at an end, and he asks Mama to PLEASE keep Janey from waking him up again.  Mama says she will try her hardest.

5 am---after trying her hardest for a solid half hour, Mama suggests to Janey that they "snuggle down", which has been known in rare occasions to lead to sleep.  Janey happily snuggles down, and Mama instantly goes to sleep.

5:02 am---Janey goes to wake up Daddy.  Daddy gives up and gets up.  Mama hears him and says she is sorry every way she can think of.  World's Best Daddy and Husband tells Mama to just sleep.  His voice has only the slightest hint of anything but calm.

5::03 am on---usually morning routine of Mama drifting in and out of sleep while Daddy makes Janey bacon and makes himself and Mama coffee, the blessed substance without which we would all be done for.  And another day begins in earnest.


jeffreymwhite1 said...

At our house, we have a rule that if you say something bad about yourself, you have to say three nice things. With two "slacker mamas," we are up to six. Being exhausted beyond being able to stay awake is not a character flaw. I will be checking back to these comments to see six positive statements that remind you of your own positive qualities. Smile! You're amazing!

Ncfersinexile Association said...

Hi Suzanne! I found your blog only yesterday and I cannot quit reading it! Every time I finish an entry I try to put it down but the next heading looks interesting so I go on and on! LOL
I have one question for you. My niece's daughter, Caiden, was diagnosed with Autisim recently and I spent the day with them last weekend. Caiden is almost six years old and she reminds me a lot of Janey in all of her beautiful ways!
My Mother-in-Law does not understand Autism at all so I am going to print some of your blog off and take it to her. Could you give me the name of a book you have read and liked on the subject of Autism? I'd like to bring one to her when I see her next time.
Again, your daughter is absolutely beautiful and your love for her is even more beautiful! She is well loved! I won't say, "How do you do it?" I'll say this to you, "You do it WELL Suzanne!"
Now, back to reading more about your's and Janey's adventures! Please keep writing - I can assure you this blog is a life line to many! :-)
Your new follower,
Lindy LeFlore