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Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School---2nd grade

It's actually here, that magical first day of school! I can't pretend I'm not thrilled. Partly of course because I get some hours to myself, but also partly because I do love Janey's school so much, and I know she will be happy there. The picture is outside her classroom (her school has a central courtyard) getting ready to go in.

I realized this morning a lack of a feeling I had. I didn't feel one bit nervous or anxious taking Janey to school. I don't think there's ever been a first day of school I didn't have that feeling, and that goes back to my own preschool days. But this is my 13th first day of school taking a child to the Henderson School. It feels very familiar. I've known most of the staff there since they started or my kids started. I can think of only one other parent who has been involved in the school longer than I have currently. For someone like myself, prone to anxiety and a little bit shy with new people, that's a great feeling.

It struck me today what I love most about the school is that it's not just inside the classroom I know Janey will be well taken care of. It's anyplace in the school, from the principal to the secretary to the lunch workers to the teachers in other rooms to the janitor to the older students, and of course in her class too. It's the whole environment. Caring people seem to be drawn to the school, or the school helps people become more caring. I don't know anyplace with a larger ratio of very, very good people---people I literally trust my child's life with.

Janey was eager for school. I think she did get that it was the first day. I spent a lot of yesterday hyping her up---saying "What's tomorrow? Tomorrow is the first day of...." and she would pipe in "SCHOOL!" We had a few tears in the car today, but I think that was more over my music selections than school. We switched to her favorites, and she was happy. Hopefully she is having a good day. But even if it's a tough day, I know she's cared for. Every mother of a child with autism, indeed every mother of ANY child, should be that lucky.

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Jan Haskins said...

Awww! The first day of school will always be memorable for any parent. It’s like a reality check for us that our children are now old enough and are starting to stand on their own, without our help. :) By the way, can I just have to say that you have such a lovely daughter.
Jan Haskins