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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Facebook page

I joined a Facebook page (I guess I "liked" a Facebook page, so I get the posts from it, technically) today, So far, I really like it, as it seems to concentrate on the lighter side of autism---lots of those little old-fashioned looking postcards Facebook does, or other memes (I learned that word from my boys!) about autism. It's great to be able to laugh at my life a little. It's something I think a lot of professionals working with autistic kids don't get (although those at Janey's school are mostly an exception---thanks for the times we laughed until almost crying, you guys!) I've read books that were so deadly serious that I finished them crying. Of course, autism is a serious thing. It's very, very serious, but at times, our kids and our lives in general can be very funny---sometimes black humor and sometimes just plain old funny. And it's not wrong to feel that way, I don't think. I loved something I saw on the new page, along the lines of God creating autism to offset the amount of boring people on earth. Janey is rarely boring. She's lots of things, but she's almost never boring. And the fellow mothers of kids with autism or other related issues I've met through this blog are some of the funniest folks I've ever met (yes, I'm talking about you guys, Michelle, Sara and the rest!) And so it's great to be able to, in the midst of the tantrums and the spills and the crying and the sometimes despair, laugh my head off from time to time.

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Kiddo's Mom said...

Hi! Autism with a side I f fries here. Thanks for talking about my page on your blog. I very much enjoy yours too. :-)