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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Win-win situation

Freddy has been very, very eager to get a new X-Box since his old one broke a month or so back. It's not really in our budget, but we came up with a deal. We will get him one, and he will pay for it by playing with Janey an hour a day for 40 days---assuming that his pay is $10 an hour, that will pay for it. He started today, and he is amazing. He's getting her to do things I've never heard her do. With M&M rewards, he got her to spell the last part of her name---He said J and she said A-N-E. They played a lot of ball, and he dressed her, read her a book, made her chocolate milk---it's great. We wrote up a formal contract we all signed and William witnessed, giving the exact terms, as he has occasionally been known to promise a lot to get something and not totally follow through, but we will have the power to take away the console if he doesn't keep up his side of the bargain. I think she responds to him differently than she does to us---he's more like a peer and she doesn't feel like it's schoolwork. I love hearing him work with her. It's amazing.


NorCalGal said...

I enjoyed reading your blog - I too have 2 kids with special needs, and a neurotypical one. My emotions are all over the place on a daily basis -- it's a difficult way to live. Kudos to all of us who unknowingly joined this unique parenting club and are in it for the duration :)

Suzanne said...

Hi, Teresa---thanks for reading my blog! It's always wonderful knowing there are others out there who truly understand! If you even want to, you can email me at --- if you ever get a chance to email, which I know can be hard! I appreciate your kind words.