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Friday, December 19, 2008

School vs. Home

Yesterday was something. Janey fell asleep on the way to school, so I carried her in and stayed with her in the classroom as the other kids and teachers were lining up in the hall. She woke up pretty quickly and I was worried as sometimes she freaks out when she wakes up in a different place than she fell asleep, but when she saw she was at school, she was THRILLED. We put her stuff away and went into the hall to see the other kids. On the way there, the aide that is with her at afterschool saw her and ran over to hug her. The look on Janey's face was that of pure bliss. She jumped up and down and hugged the lady (Donna) over and over and was so happy it was incredible. Of course I was glad but of course I was also so hurt in a way. She truly is happier at school than home. I've thought that was probably the case for a while, from the reports I get and the blank look on their faces when I mention how tough she is at home sometimes, but I am sure now. Then we walked down with the kids and walked back to the room, and she grabbed both her main teachers' hands and danced around with them. Then to throw me a bone she took my hand too.

I don't mean to sound like I am not happy she loves school. But I wish I could make her feel that happy about home. I sometimes feel so jealous of people whose kids love to homeschool. Both boys have always been very horrified when I mention anything like that. They like school, and I guess Janey is like them. They are all extroverts to different extents, which is so strange as I am certainly not.

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