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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mostly just pictures!

I took a bunch of pictures of Janey tonight, and thought I'd share them in a mostly just pictures post!  We have a routine with taking pictures which she loves.  I pretend to tickle her (she doesn't like to be actually tickled, but she loves me to say "tickle-tickle!" with my hands in tickle position), and then I take a picture, to get a smile!  Not that I only want smiling pictures of her, but I love seeing her smile.
Here's Janey playing with kinetic sand, a wonderful present from a dear friend.  It's the first toy in years Janey has had an interest in, and she loves it.

Smiling in the sunlight

I love to see my Janey happy.

Another big smile!

My shadow taking her picture!  Janey has the blessing or curse to have the family hair, thick and very curly.  Her brothers both have it too, as do assorted members of my family (not me!)  It changed when she was about 7 from being straight and very blond to being ash blond and curly.
Janey pointing!  She doesn't point a lot, except at herself as a way of saying "I want that", so this was a lucky shot.  She was wanting Tony to hurry up and come down to the driveway to take her for a car ride.

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Sabrina Steyling said...

I know I've remarked before that Janey is quite photogenic, but I don't mind saying it again! She really is a very pretty girl, and say what you want about "the family hair" but that is some gorgeous hair she's got! And that smile, well, it's pure gold. Seeing her smile always makes me smile too! Great photos!