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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 good, 3 not so good


1. This morning, Janey brought me all the rice pudding from the fridge. After she had one, I told her to put the rest back in the fridge and close the door, and SHE DID---perfectly!

2. Just now, she wanted a video, and after demanding "I want Angelina Ballerina!", she paused and said "Please?"

3. Last night, she picked up a toy cell phone and said "Hello?" in a perfect imitation of how I'd say it---the first time I've seen pretend play from her in ages.


1. I took my eyes off Janey for a minute while trying to get some laundry folded yesterday. She was in the next room, in the corner of my eye, but I didn't notice she had found a jar of Vaseline until she had spread it all over herself, the floor and my bed.

2. Janey has developed a severe taste for paper. We have to be constantly vigilant, or she will tear off pieces of it and eat them.

3. No progress in toilet training. Janey will wear underpants all day at school, but despite them taking her to the potty over and over, she holds it all and wets herself on the way home.

And so it goes....

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